Indian diet during chicken pox

The vitamin A is very essential for your body as it helps in healing of your scars from the skin. When our children are sick, we want to make them well as soon as possible.

Lavender essential oil, can be used as with coconut oil. Symptoms begin with a fever and then the appearance of the itchy red blisters all over the body. Before you starts to follow a diet plan you should be aware about some of the essential vitamins and nutrients which are required to take for the patient.

If your child is not moving or too weak to stand, call an emergency doctor or immediately. Inspect the child diligently every couple of hours to make sure you get some oil on each blister.

It can also be used in the mouth and genitals for sores occurring in those places. Stay off foods that are too spicy, salty, or make your mouth sore. Herbal teas such as cinnamon, basil and chamomile are good too. Published September A Review. One must avoid eggs or meats, spicy and oily foods.

Blisters that turn red, warm, or tender, which may be an indication of possible secondary bacterial skin infection. Possible complications of chicken pox include: Skin Healing 1.

Published June 19, Ans — 3: The fact that chickenpox does not present physical symptoms right away and becomes contagious even before the appearance of the characteristic blisters, makes the prevention even harder. Published February 18, Asit is said that Indian food is good and most of the people search for Indian food as it is healthy that is why we are going to provide you a list of Indian foods which h you should take at the time of chicken pox — 1.

Another option is to add a few drops each of lavender and chamomile essential oil in lukewarm water. Thousand problems one solution. Similarly, if an expecting mother has had chickenpox prior to the pregnancy, she will pass on her immunity to her child through the placenta and breastmilk.

It is advisable to have one glass of orange juice daily.

Chicken Pox Diet

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A home chicken pox diet will not help to cure a patient immediately, but as mentioned earlier, will help the affected individual to fight off the infection.

Chickenpox stalks kids and adults

A chicken pox diet should be nutritious and balanced. Home cooked foods are especially recommended. Chicken pox food should be soft and easy to swallow. Spicy and fried foods should not be part of a chicken pox diet. It may be chicken pox - if you did not have it in childhood.

It will form dry black scabs and fall off. Consult skin specialist for full examination and treatment. It can get infected and lead to pus.

In Ayurveda, Chicken Pox is known as Laghu Masurika. It is medically known as Vericella. It is a highly contagious disease and mostly attacks children between the age group of one to ten years and some times affect adults.

Diet Plan for Chickenpox Patient – Chickenpox is a general problem which every kid faces now a days. Chicken pox is a viral infection in which person develops extremely itchy blisters all over the body. But in most of the cases it has been seen that most chickenpox patients do not heal quickly because of bad diet.

hi i’m suffering chicken pox this time and it’s very uncomfortable for me especially during time of my sleep. i didn’t yet tried this home remedies because i’m still on my school, and its very embarrassing for me because of big spots with water inside.

hope i will be cured when i try it thank you.

Chickenpox: 10 Home Remedies to Relieve the Discomfort
Indian diet during chicken pox
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